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Introducing PEJE’s New Recruitment & Retention Academy

May 2014 Recruitment & Retention Academy Portal


“…Truly an Academy where experts discussed and sorted out in advance a cohesive approach, and then, as a faculty, each presented important pieces of the puzzle.  These qualities came through and made attendance not just stimulating, but truly a chance to see best practices and approaches from several vantage points.  Thank you for the great effort and careful planning that went into preparing the program.”

Rabbi Simcha Weiser, Headmaster, SOILLE San Diego Hebrew Day School



What’s more important to a school’s sustainability than helping solidify a pathway to enrollment growth? Nothing — and that’s why the Recruitment & Retention Academy builds on our history of highly successful admission conferences and adds a new assessment tool and expert coaching to create an unparalleled program. As tuitions typically cover over 80% of a school’s operating budget, the Academy represents one of the best investments a day school can make to ensure its sustainability. By providing successful strategies, tactics, and coaching support, the Academy can help your school truly sustain itself.


Schools accepted to the program are encouraged to send a recruitment and retention team comprised of their Head of School, Admission Director, Marketing/Communications Director (if relevant), and a Lay Leader to engage in a unique, three-part program centered around a summit in Chicago, May 18-20, 2014.


PEJE’s Recruitment & Retention Academy is designed to provide Jewish day schools with a comprehensive toolkit to strengthen their recruitment and retention efforts.  Making the decision to participate in the Academy is one of the best investments a school can make in its future. The Academy has three key component parts. The first is a comprehensive assessment of current school recruitment and retention practices and beliefs, which will be revealed by PEJE’s proprietary assessment tool. The second is a two-day workshop for teams of up to four school professionals and lay leaders, featuring leading independent and Jewish day school recruitment and retention experts. The workshop involves sharing best practices and case studies of excellence with peers from other schools, who learn as much from each other as from the experts. The third is eight hours of support from an expert coach to help create a concrete long-term plan to enhance recruitment and retention capacity.

Recruitment & Retention Academy Goals

The Recruitment & Retention Academy accomplishes several vitally important overarching goals. For your school, it will:


The greatest benefits of our unique program include:

To see a preview of the Recruitment & Retention Academy summit agenda and presenter bios click here.

To apply, simply click here and follow the directions. 

If you have any questions or would like more details about the Academy, please email Elana Alfred.