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PEJE Development Conference Impact Study

PEJE has long invested time, energy, and resources to ensure the long-term value of our conferences to the Jewish day school field. Toward this end, we commissioned Giving Tree Associates and PLK Consulting to help us study how learning from our development conferences in the summer of 2011 and 2012 has been sustained, implemented, and spread within participant schools. Even from their vantage point of a year or two after the conference, more than 90% of respondents in this study affirmed the effectiveness of the conference they attended. Among those interviewed, 73% reported having continued to use and revise the comprehensive development plan they created or improved at the conference.

The study, especially the comparison of the 2011 and 2012 conferences, confirmed the utility of various learning components we employed, such as coaching both before and after the conference, combining expert presentations with hands-on laboratory structures, and development directors learning alongside a larger school team. The study also revealed much about the current context for development efforts across the Jewish day school field, contextual factors critical for the successful raising of philanthropic funds. For example, nearly 70% of those in the study had professional development budgets of less than $3,500 per year and 40% had less than $1,000.

Click here to read the full report. It just may affect the way you choose to invest in future development training—your own learning or that of a school or schools you support.