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Staffing and Structure


Ways the Board Can Support Admission


Toward a Proactive, Comprehensive Admission Program: What Every Head of School Should Know About Supervising the Admission Director

Admission Director

Parent Ambassadors

Many schools are forming corps of well trained, enthusiastic, and articulate parent volunteers (Gann Academy in Boston calls them “Ambassadors”) who support the implementation of the school’s recruitment activities. Traditional activities include conducting parlor meetings, helping conduct school visits, and acting as guides during open houses. Less conventional ideas include having the parent Ambassadors buddy up, one on one, with prospective parents with common interests. For example, parent Ambassador X from feeder school Y might be buddied up with several prospective feeder school Y families to answer questions, provide perspective on why they choose the school and how their child was faring within it. In this manner, they play an invaluable recruitment role that could never be performed by the Director of Admission. Ideally, they would stay in touch with the prospective parents through to the matriculation of their child. Parent ambassadors are identified through word of mouth, email, and newsletter postings. They are thoroughly trained in communicating the school’s “why choose our school” story as well as in describing the school’s specific differentiating features. Gann Academy uses Ambassadors (parents, students, and faculty) to great recruiting advantage. Gann Academy ambassadors (Audio)