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The Development Self-Assessment Tool (DSAT)

The Development Self-Assessment Tool is comprised of almost 100 indicators across seven core areas that assess seven core competencies of a strategic development program.  Results of the assessment will highlight the strengths of your school’s development program as well as target areas for growth.  Upon completion, your school’s DSAT will be scored by PEJE staff and recommendations for next steps will be made.  Your school will have the option to purchase a coaching package with Barbara Maduell, CFRE, Senior Consultant at The Collins Group and co-creator of the DSAT.

What are the benefits of the DSAT to my school?

The DSAT benefits your school in many ways, both during the completion process and after. For instance:

  • Each DSAT indicator signifies an element of a strategic advancement effort. Many schools perceive that simply reading the tool increases their understanding of a sustainable, mature development program.
  • The process of completing the assessment as a group allows for fruitful dialogue about the current state of your school’s development program.
  • Once the DSAT is submitted, it will be scored by PEJE and the results will be sent to you.
  • The results of the DSAT assist your coach in his/her work with you, with a goal of crafting a plan for addressing the critical needs of your school as they relate to the development program.

To access the DSAT, please contact Erica Cabag,