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Admission CoP Group

Strategic Use of Admission Data

May 8, 2014 at 1:00pm EST

With presenter Rebecca Egolf

RSVP: Please email Elana  to RSVP for the call and/or to submit any questions you’d like posted during the call.

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The goal of the Admission CoP is to improve practice in admission, recruitment and attrition prevention in Jewish day school settings. The CoP brings together professional Directors of Admission and other school administrators who participate in recruitment functions. The CoP provides varied opportunities for community members to learn together, share information and ideas, solve problems, and provide support. Through telephone workshops, in conjunction with ongoing discussions on the COP listserv, members have focused on such relevant topics as:

  • Choosing kindergarten readiness assessments
  • Crafting admission policies for new schools
  • The benefits of group vs. individual interviews
  • Parent ambassador programs
  • Tuition policies for faculty children and multiple children enrolled in school
  • Making the case for Jewish day school education
  • Building feeder school relationships
  • Community outreach programming as a recruitment tool
  • Admission publications, brochures, electronic communication and websites
  • Counseling out students who cannot be appropriately served by the school

Through this collaboration, we generate knowledge directly related to the work we do; utilize that knowledge back in our schools; and reflect on results in order to make further modifications, as needed. The product of this iterative cycle is the development of more knowledge that is widely disseminated to the field, helping all of us to increase enrollment and improve the excellence of our Jewish day schools.

There is no charge to participate in the community, To join, send your name, professional position, and contact information to PEJE Staff.



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“I joined the CoP to allow my school access to the knowledge base on recruitment and retention. I have found most helpful the communications between colleagues. I have asked and answered questions and forwarded info gleaned to other staff at the school as necessary.”
Rella Margolis, Manager of Development and Special Projects, Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto


“I think the conference calls have been very valuable and unbelievably timely. I appreciate hearing what my peers are doing, sharing the issues. In our area, we have many good choices for families. Between public schools and several other Jewish kindergarten programs that are all good and vying for the same families, it is a real challenge. I think that the CoP has really helped me and will continue to be an added benefit.”

Respondent to survey question on usefulness of teleconference information


“I benefited from the sharing of information and ideas, as well as the information providing action steps to implement the ideas that we learned.”

Respondent to survey question on most valuable aspect of CoP participation


“As a new professional it was helpful to me to get information, ideas and feedback from seasoned professionals and experts.”

Respondent to survey question