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Welcome to PEJE’s Endowment & Legacy Institute. Here you will find knowledge, resources, and best practices for building endowment. Our hope is that schools, communities, and donors will find a rich array of information in these pages about endowment and legacy giving.


This week’s (Oct. 25, 2013) Parsha is Toldot-Generations.  The Parsha lists and describes the generations of Isaac.  The first sentence of the Parsha is:

“And these are the Generations of Isaac, son of Abraham; Abraham begot Isaac.” The Torah scholars are curious about the redundancy of the phrases. If Isaac is the son of Abraham, why does the Torah repeat this relationship in the next phrase, “Abraham begot Isaac”?

The suggestion of Torah scholars is that the repetition is to bring home the point that when a child is born, the relationship and responsibility  does not end with the birth of the child. 
It is the responsibility of the current generation  to care for future generations as well. 

This is also the message of  endowment.  We care not only for our generation
but for the generation that follows.

Helen Feldman London
Project Manager, Russel Family Generations Baltimore, Day School Endowment Project
THE ASSOCIATED, Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore