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Annual Campaign Resource Center

The Annual Campaign is a comprehensive effort. It is both a year-long and a year-round task. The campaign is continuous; as soon as one year’s campaign concludes, planning for the next year’s begins.

While it is recommended that you follow the sequence laid out in this section, you can also move around freely. PEJE’s Top 10 To Do’s To Improve Annual Fundraising helps you focus on the most common barriers that Jewish day schools experience in running an Annual Campaign.

The Development Self-Assessment Tool (DSAT)

The Development Self-Assessment Tool, co-created by Barbara Maduell, CFRE, Senior Consultant at The Collins Group, comprises almost 100 indicators across seven core areas that assess seven core competencies of a strategic development program. Results of the assessment will highlight the strengths of your school’s development program as well as target areas for growth. Upon completion, your school’s DSAT will be scored by PEJE staff and recommendations for next steps will be made.

Seven Core Competencies of a Strategic Development Program

A financially sustainable Jewish day school demonstrates competency in a number of significant areas—seven areas, to be precise. Click to learn more about each one, and improve your school’s fiscal health.

Leadership Fundraising Academy (LFA)

LFA is designed to advance a school’s financial sustainability by creating a holistic development effort. A school that nurtures a culture of philanthropy combines best practices in governance, professional leadership, and fundraising. By engaging the Head of School, Board Chair, the Board of Trustees, and Development Professional, the Leadership and Fundraising Academy stewards each school towards strategic management of its fiscal health. As an 18 month curriculum constructed around targeted workshops and individualized coaching, the LFA offers the deep impactful support a school needs to make transformative change towards financial growth.