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Regional Advocacy

Stimulated by gatherings of major donors at PEJE Donor Assemblies in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston, groups of day school advocates have been mobilizing in a number of communities to address ways local day schools can collaborate to improve the climate for day school education.

The Continental Council for Jewish Education, formerly at JESNA produced a summary report about these groups in the Fall of 2004.

Efforts in these communities are ongoing. These documents represent a sampling from the groups. To add information from your community or to connect with leaders from these groups, please contact Suzanne Kling.

Greater Boston

Los Angeles

For more information contact Miriam Prum Hess.


For more information contact Linda Zell.

San Diego

For more information contact Glenda Sachs Jaffe.

San Francisco

Southern New England

For more information contact Audrey Lichter.


For more information contact Joel Kurtz.