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Advocates for day school education frequently report that “affordability” is their biggest hurdle in speaking with prospective day school parents. With research suggesting that affordability is less of a hindering factor than commonly suspected among a large potential day school market, these resources are collected to help put the concept of affordability in perspective and to identify initiatives and trends in ways that communities are making it easier for families to choose day school education for the children.

Often missing from the discussion of affordability is the question of value and excellence. What is the value of a quality Jewish day school education in the open market? A recent writer on affordability in the independent school world coined the “PAVS” matrix:

“The combination of perceived prestige and affordability will determine how much a family, having been convinced of a school’s value, is willing to sacrifice to send a child there.” — Mark Mitchell, “The Affordability Dilemma” in Marketing Independent Schools in the 21st Century, NAIS 2001

Tuition Subvention Programs: Report from JESNA Continental Council for Jewish Day School Education

PEJE Series in Affordability: