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National Revenue Programs FAQ

General Questions

Which programs make up the PEJE National Revenue Programs?
  • Atidenu: Our Future (recruitment and retention program)
  • Governance & Fundraising Academy (governance and annual campaign)
  • Governance & Fundraising Academy for small schools in small communities (governance and annual campaign)
  • Generations National (endowment)
Is there different weight/consideration given to an elementary, as opposed to a high school, application?
The application of each school, regardless of the grades it serves, will be reviewed on its merits.  No preference is given to schools based on grades served.
What happens to Atidenu, Governance & Fundraising Academy, and Generations National when NewOrg launches?
Atidenu, Governance & Fundraising Academy, and Generations National will continue as they are and will be moved into NewOrg when it launches.
What are key program dates?
  • We will utilize a rolling admission process and so we encourage you to complete your application ASAP as space is limited.
  • Specific program dates will be announced to enrolled schools as they become available.
What are the expected results/ROI on the programs? What are the desired outcomes of each program?
Atidenu (recruitment and retention program) Governance & Fundraising Academy Generations National
An average 10% improvement in new student enrollment and (if applicable due to high attrition) in student retention one year after program completion, with ongoing additional gains following program completion. Significant capacity-building in major processes, including market analysis and segmentation, ambassadorship, branding and positioning, and word-of-mouth marketing skills. An average 10% increase in annual campaign revenue one year following program completion, with ongoing additional gains. Significant capacity building in Board engagement, strategic development, personal giving, and major gift cultivation and solicitation. An explicit goal is to make schools “endowment-ready.” Endowment development embedded into school’s culture of philanthropy. At the completion of the program, each school will have raised more than $4,000 in endowment funds per enrolled student (composed of approximately 50% in cash gifts and 50% in legacy gifts). After 10 years of continued, active endowment and legacy solicitations, the endowment fund is estimated to be valued at $25,000–$30,000 per student.
How long will it take to complete the online application?
It should take less than two hours to fill out the online application, once you have collected all the necessary information. We encourage you to print out the document titled “Online Application Questions” prior to filling in the online tool. The application tool will allow you to stop, save your work, and return at a future time. We encourage you to complete your online application as soon as possible, given that application files are reviewed on, and schools will be accepted on, a rolling basis. Please note that in addition to the online application, your school will need to enter JData information specific to the program(s) to which you are applying and participate in the school team phone interview.
Once my application is complete, when will I hear about next steps?
We will notify you within three weeks after your application and JData information are completed and submitted.


Qualification Questions

Does our school need to join PEJE to participate in a program?
No, PEJE is not a membership organization.
Can we apply to more than one program?
Yes, schools can apply to multiple programs. However, given the time demands of these programs, there will be special attention paid during the application review process to confirm that professional and lay leaders have the bandwidth to undertake more than one program at a time. Schools will be asked to rank order programs if applying to more than one.
Who can apply to the new PEJE National Revenue Programs?
Atidenu, Governance & Fundraising Academy, and  Governance & Fundraising Academy for Small Schools in Small Communities are open to any Jewish day school in North America. Currently only schools in the Los Angeles BJE catchment can apply to Generations.
Can our school participate in more than one program?
Yes. If accepted, you may participate in Atidenu, our future, (recruitment and retention program) and Governance & Fundraising Academy. Please note that schools cannot participate simultaneously in Governance & Fundraising Academy and Generations National.
What are the core qualifications for a successful school applicant across all programs?
  • A Head of School (or equivalent) who plans to remain in office for at least the next 12 months and is committed to making this program one of his/her top three priorities.
  • A Board that makes a formal resolution to make the program(s) one of the school’s top three strategic priorities.
  • In large schools a development director who works more than 50% of a full-time work week on development or an admission director who spends an equivalent amount of time on recruitment and retention. Small schools will be asked to provide staffing adequacy assurance in the application and interview process, based on a combination of full- or part-time professionals and lay leaders.
  • An engaged professional and volunteer team of at least four people—lay leaders and professionals combined—to work with the program coach, participate in trainings, and execute the program plan.
  • A functioning Board of Directors committed to each program, as evidenced by a Board Resolution committing the school to each program’s success.
  • Absence of substantial financial or structural challenges that might hamper a schools success.
  • Databases to track donor or admission activity.
Note: Please contact us if you have specific questions about your school’s readiness. 


Funding Questions

If I apply to more than one program and am accepted into only one program, will my deposit for the second program be returned or credited to my account?
Your second deposit will be credited to your account and your first program payment will be appropriately reduced, subject to your approval.
What will be a school’s payment obligations for each program?
Atidenu                      Governance & Fundraising Academy Governance & Fundraising Academy for Small Schools
Deposit, including a non-refundable $100 application fee* $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Upon enrollment $10,000 $10,000 $2,500
2nd payment $9,100 $9,100 $1,600
Matching grant $20,000 $20,000 $35,000
Total Cost $40,000 $40,000 $40,000
Please contact Traci Stratford with questions about Generations payments.  * If a school isn’t accepted into a program, the $900 deposit will be returned.  
What are the costs of the programs?
Atidenu Governance & Fundraising Academy Governance & Fundraising Academy for small schools
Total program cost: $40,000 $40,000 $40,000
Matching enrollment funds from The AVI CHAI Foundation $20,000 $20,000 $20,000
Additional funding for small schools  N/A N/A $15,000
Net school contribution $20,000 $20,000 $5,000
Please contact Traci Stratford with any questions about Generations pricing and payments.   † Schools can pay over two fiscal years.
What are the requirements for receiving The AVI CHAI Foundation matching funds?
Every school that is accepted into a program is automatically awarded the funds from The AVI CHAI Foundation.
Are incentive grants part of these programs?
Yes, schools selected to participate in the Governance & Fundraising Academy for Small Schools may be eligible for up to $100,000 in incentive grants. PEJE is partnering with The AVI CHAI Foundation and an anonymous Jewish day school supporter to offer a select number of small day schools in smaller communities an exceptional opportunity. Qualified participating schools will be eligible for up to $100,000 in matching grant funds through the Legacy Heritage Challenge Grant for the achievement of specified fundraising milestones. Schools selected to participate in Generations are eligible for $8,000 per school (two, $4,000 incentive grants).

Commitment Questions

What are my school’s commitments?
  • Commit that the Board and Head of School will prioritize development or admission efforts, as applicable, and designate human and financial resources to ensure the success of the program(s).
  • Select an inspiring lay-professional school leadership team that will remain committed to the program throughout its duration.
  • With guidance from PEJE, work with a PEJE coach for a minimum of 40 hours annually to set and achieve program goals.
  • Commit to attend required trainings and meet benchmarks for each program.
What is the Head of School’s commitment to each program?
The applicable program should be among the top three priorities of the Head of School.
What is the program time commitment?
  • For day school professionals: It’s less about devoting specific amounts of work and more about committing to achieving the goals of the program.
  • For lay leaders: You must align yourselves with the professionals involved to ensure successful completion of program outcomes.
What signifies that my Board is committed to each program?
Schools’ Boards will be asked to approve the funding of the program and adopt a Board Resolution committing to their successful participation.

Resolved: The Board of [_____] School hereby commits to making our participation in PEJE’s [Atidenu, Governance & Fundraising] program one of the top three priorities of our school for the duration of the program.

Coaching Questions

Since this program represents a major investment for a Jewish day school, is there any oversight by PEJE/AVI CHAI of the quality of the coaching?
Yes. PEJE's years of sourcing, vetting, and working with coaches places us in the best position to manage the coaching.  PEJE focuses on the fit between the coach and the school, from the beginning of the program through the end.  PEJE remains integrally involved in assuring that the coach-school match maximally supports the program and school's goals.
What are the benefits of being part of these programs? Why wouldn’t we simply hire a coach on our own?
You will stretch your dollars by being part of a matching-grant program. Additionally, while your school can certainly hire a coach on its own, it would receive many benefits by working with PEJE experts and being part of a peer group. Our training programs offer you proven results. With PEJE, you’ll have access to critically important peer-to-peer learning, informed by industry-leading experts in results-focused Summits, incentive grants (Governance & Fundraising Academy for small schools only), and PEJE professionals whose deep experience with Jewish day schools will be invaluable to your institution.
Does our school receive coaching as part of the program?
Yes, each program has a coaching component. PEJE believes in the proven importance of coaching and thus has made it an integral part of these programs.
  • Atidenu, Our Future (recruitment and retention program): 64 hours/8 days over 18 months
  • Governance & Fundraising Academy (both versions): 56 hours/7 days over 18 months
  • Generations National: 88 hours of individualized support over the course of the 27-month program
Who are the presenters and coaches?
Each program features nationally renowned subject-matter experts in recruitment and retention, governance and annual fundraising, and endowment-building and major gift development, respectively.
What are the benefits of coaching?
Leading research proves that coaching offers the best opportunity to make professional learning stick. Coaching helps build skills, provides guidance in planning and decision-making, and helps assess program success and appropriate corrective action. Our coaches are experienced in the field. They are carefully vetted by PEJE, and all have proven track records.
How do we find a coach?
PEJE will take care to match you with a coach who will fit your school’s needs.