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Governance & Fundraising Academy for small schools, Cohort 2 – 2016

Our application deadline has passed. If you would like to be placed on the GFA wait list, please email Harry Bloom.

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Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis.

What is the Governance & Fundraising Academy?

Our Governance & Fundraising Academy (GFA) is designed to increase a school’s financial sustainability by strengthening its governance and fundraising program. The GFA accomplishes several vitally important overarching goals. For your school, it will:

  1. Generate alignment among key professional and lay leaders around a governance system that embraces fundraising responsibility to the fullest extent.
  2. Provide training that enriches a development team’s ability to create a comprehensive plan, define the professional and lay leadership roles needed to implement that plan, and increase the capacity of team members.
  3. Develop strategies and build skills in essential areas, including annual campaign planning, donor rating and assignment, Moves Management planning and execution, and donor cultivation techniques.
  4. In addition, qualified small schools in small communities will be eligible for up to $100,000 in matching grant funds, through an anonymous Jewish day school supporter, for the achievement of specified fundraising milestones.

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What happens to the Governance & Fundraising Academy for small schools when NewOrg launches?

GFA for small schools will continue and will be moved into NewOrg when it launches.

Why Should Your School Apply to GFA?

Our GFA is designed to increase a school’s financial sustainability by strengthening its governance and fundraising program. A school with a strong culture of philanthropy combines best practices in governance, professional leadership, and fundraising. As an 18-month curriculum constructed around a summit, interactive webinars, and seven days of individualized expert coaching, the GFA offers the essential support a school needs to achieve transformative change in fundraising capacity. GFA will help transform your development professionals and lay leaders into a high-performance team. Our GFA model, which has been implemented under the name Leadership and Fundraising Academy (LFA) in more than 50 schools in five communities, is a proven vehicle for driving your school toward fiscal sustainability. PEJE, the authority in Jewish day school governance and sustainability with 18 years of experience, is confident that our program can help any qualified school.

Click the image below to download a PDF program information sheet that can be shared with your Board and school leadership.

GFA Small Thumb 

What is Unique About GFA for Small Schools in Small Communities?

PEJE is partnering with The AVI CHAI Foundation and anonymous Jewish day school supporter to offer a select number of small day schools in smaller communities an exceptional opportunity. While the total 18-month program cost is $40,000, thanks to funding from The AVI CHAI Foundation and an anonymous Jewish day school supporter—which are committed to supporting small schools and small communities—the total cost to participating schools is $5,000. Schools will receive a generous travel allowance for summit-related travel. A small school in a small community is defined as having 200 or fewer students in a community with a Jewish population of approximately 50,000 or fewer.

In addition, qualified participating schools will be eligible for up to $100,000 in matching grant funds for the achievement of specified fundraising milestones, thanks to an anonymous Jewish day school supporter.

Listen to what Schools in our Governance and Fundraising Programs have to Say

  • “In my 21-plus years in education, the Leadership & Fundraising Academy was without a doubt the single most productive training that led to action that I have ever been a part of. I couldn’t have imagined being at the stage we are now after such a short time.”
    Rabbi Avraham Zev Kosowsky, Headmaster, Mesorah High School for Girls, Dallas
  • “Our coach was incredible in helping our board focus on fundraising and move away from transactional fundraising activities to really developing long-lasting relationships with our constituents. To really focus the board on the importance of fundraising and the role we play as ambassadors in our community to help our schools achieve greater goals.
    “Everything has been top-notch, from the coaching staff to the seminars, to the materials provided. For our team, it was critical that we come together and really develop an integral plan and that we actually are held accountable and follow through; it has just elevated our fundraising dramatically. In our process, the materials, everything that we are doing, is just at such a different level having been a part of this program. We would not be in the place we are now, where we are just embarking upon an incredible journey that will be wonderful for our school and community. Thank you so much.”
    Caroline Waldman, Board of Trustees Co-Chair, The Gordon School of Beth David Congregation, Miami

Dr. Melanie Waynik, Head of School
Ezra Academy, Woodbridge, CT

Caroline Waldman, Co-Board Chair
The Gordon School of Beth David Congregation, Miami

Sharon Pollin, Head of School
Jewish Day School of Greater New Orleans

Small School GFA at a Glance

Program Cost: $40,000. School contribution, $5,000, thanks to funding from The AVI CHAI Foundation and anonymous Jewish day school supporter

Matching Grant: Qualified small schools in small communities participating will be eligible for up to $100,000 in matching grant funds from an anonymous Jewish day school supporter

Application Deadline: April 15, 2016

Program Kickoff: Summer 2016

Trainings: Includes a three-day summit and a series of interactive webinars

Coaching: 56 hours (7 days) of individualized support from a cadre of expert coaches

Requesting an Application

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The GFA is Focused on Results. You Should Apply if These Program Goals Align with Your Goals:

  • An average 10% increase in annual campaign revenue within two years. In fact, the most recent 20 participants averaged a 20% increase during the 18-month program duration.
  • Creation of a long-term development plan tailored to the needs of each school.
  • Establishment or activation of a board development committee; engagement of the development committee in major donor identification and cultivation activities.
  • Transformation of annual fundraising to become truly donor-centric and not simply focused on implementing an annual dinner.
  • Generation of clear and meaningful cases for support.

A Completed Application Includes:

  • Required JData fields completed in the JData tool
  • Online application
  • Board resolution
  • Application fee/program deposit ($1,000 total)
  • Interview with senior professional and lay leadership

Current Revenue Academy Schools Denominational Breakdown

School Affiliation Breakdown

“GFA helps a school’s Leadership, Board, and Development Team move forward together and achieve critical milestones toward long-term sustainability.” Program Director Dr. Harry Bloom

The Governance & Fundraising Academy program recognizes that strong governance is one of the most critical foundational elements that a school needs in order to achieve long-term financial sustainability. When a school’s Board, Development Committee, and professional development team work together, almost anything is possible. Our proprietary Development Self-Assessment Tool (DSAT) is just one proven tool used in this milestone-driven, 18-month program that builds on PEJE’s 18 years of working with JDS.