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Atidenu, Cohort 2 – 2016

Our application deadline has passed. If you would like to be placed on the Atidenu wait list, please email Harry BloomElana Alfred or Adele Yermack.

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Applications are Being Reviewed on a Rolling Basis.

Click the image below to download a PDF program information sheet that can be shared with your Board and school leadership. 

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What is Atidenu?

Atidenu is designed to provide Jewish day schools with a comprehensive toolkit and skills to strengthen their recruitment and retention efforts. Atidenu has three key components.

  1. A comprehensive assessment of current school recruitment and retention practices and beliefs, which will be revealed by PEJE’s proprietary assessment tool, the RSAT. Click to apply
  2. A three-day summit and series of interactive webinars for teams of school professionals and lay leaders, featuring leading independent and Jewish day school recruitment and retention experts. The summit and webinars involve sharing best practices and case studies of excellence with peers from other schools, enabling you to learn as much from each other as from the experts.
  3. 64 hours (eight days) of support from a cadre of expert coaches to help create and implement a concrete, long-term plan to enhance recruitment and retention capacity.

What happens to Atidenu when NewOrg launches?

Atidenu will continue and will be moved into NewOrg when it launches.

Why Should Your School Apply to Atidenu?

What’s more important to a school’s sustainability than helping solidify a pathway to enrollment growth? Nothing—and that’s why Atidenu: Our Future, our premier recruitment and retention program, builds on our history of highly successful admission and adds a new assessment tool and expert coaching to create an unparalleled program. As tuition typically covers more than 80% of a school’s operating budget, Atidenu represents one of the best investments a day school can make to ensure its sustainability. By providing successful strategies, tactics, and coaching support, the program can help your school truly ensure its future.

What do Schools Currently in Atidenu Say About the Program?

  •  “The way Apple made their iPhone headphones with white rubber casings and it was a huge hit—not rocket science, but subtly brilliant—that is the way Atidenu can impact school recruitment. This is not rocket science, but it is subtly brilliant to change how we see day school recruitment and retention. With a few directed and noticeable changes, we will change the landscape of day school enrollment, and even more importantly, the strength and vibrancy of the Jewish future.”
    Miriam Stein, Admission Director for the Upper School, Charles E. Smith JDS
  • “On behalf of the Golda Och Academy team, I wanted to take some time out of the busy admissions season to let you know how invaluable the Atidenu program has been and continues to be for us. Through PEJE’s leadership and guidance, we have become more strategic in our approach to recruitment and retention… Atidenu has enabled us to look closely at what kind of school we are, who our families and alumni are, and where we can find those mission-appropriate families who appreciate and desire the value of a GOA education… At the second conference this past November, we were able to learn from other schools in the cohort while sharing successes and failures. It was a wonderful exchange of ideas and an inspirational yet organic way to learn from our colleagues in exceptional day schools across the country and Canada. We don’t deny that, at times, the work required has been time-consuming and challenging. Equally undeniable is the value we see already in our participation in this program. Thank you again for providing us and the other schools in the MetroWest community with this great opportunity.”
    Gail Shapiro, Director of Admission and Community Outreach, Golda Och Academy, West Orange, NJ

Orna Siegel
Director of Enrollment & Tuition Assistance

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
Washington, D.C.

Gail Shapiro
Director of Admission and Community Outreach

Golda Och Academy
West Orange, New Jersey

Lisa Zide
Admissions Director

Sinai Akiba
Los Angeles

Atidenu at a Glance

Program Cost: $40,000. School contribution, $20,000 (payable over two school fiscal years), after a 50% enrollment match by The AVI CHAI Foundation

Application Deadline: April 15, 2016

Program Kickoff: Summer 2016

Trainings: Includes a three-day summit and a series of interactive webinars

Coaching: 64 hours (8 days) of individualized support from a cadre of expert coaches

Requesting an Application

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Atidenu is for Your School if…

  • Maintaining or growing enrollment is a key priority.
  • Filling under-utilized capacity is a goal.
  • Embracing proactive recruitment is your desire.
  • Reducing attrition is a priority.

A Completed Application Includes:

  • Required JData fields completed in the JData tool
  • Online application
  • Board resolution
  • Application fee/program deposit ($1,000 total)
  • Interview with senior professional and lay leadership

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“Atidenu is one of the best investments a school can make.”
Program Director Dr. Harry Bloom

We created the Atidenu program because we heard directly from the Jewish day school field that this was one critical area where schools needed strategies, coaching, and training geared to Jewish day schools. PEJE’s deep history in the admission arena combined with new, proven segmentation strategies and recruitment and retention best practices makes Atidenu one of the best investments a school can make. A typical school will recoup their program investment with the addition of a single student over two years.