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Hello! from Josh

At last year’s Jewish Funders Network Conference, I was really struck by what social media expert Clay Shirky said about the opportunities online media can provide nonprofit organizations. In particular, he recommended assigning the youngest person in the office to brainstorm ways to use the technology. Since I no longer meet that description, Matt came up with a list, and I’m excited to say that you are currently reading the result.

Over the course of the year, I will use this space to comment on a number of topics important to the day school field, PEJE itself, and me personally:

  • Leadership
  • The state of the Jewish day school field
  • Showcasing a best practice
  • Community support of Jewish day schools

I am excited about PEJE using this new technology in the new year, and I look forward to communicating with you on a regular basis.

One thought on “Hello! from Josh

  1. Lisa Colton

    Josh and others — I’m thrilled to see the launch of your blog, and as I know PEJE is a trusted source of high quality information and exceptional talent, it’s a place I plan to visit frequently. I’m thrilled to see that Clay’s session at JFN resulted in real action on the ground. Mazel tov on this important and exciting leap forward!


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