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No Office Day: Close Your Office and Go Back to the Classroom (At Least for a Day)

I know I’m not the only person who feels the gravitational pull of the office. Many principals and school administrators, when speaking honestly with one another, share similar frustrations. It is from this place of deep commitment that I have embraced No Office Day. It is a day—actually several days, to accommodate different schedules—on which educational leaders close their offices and file into classes with teachers and students. It’s not the only day we’ll be in classrooms. Indeed, the conversations among colleagues about how to spend the day are energizing me to consider ways of having many No Office Days and daily No Office Hours. I’m reconsidering ways to make classroom time more meaningful and effective. No Office Day is an event, but it is also a frame of mind, an ongoing commitment among educational leaders to dedicating the time to be in classrooms and to finding the ways to make that time most valuable for teachers and students.

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