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PEJE announces the retirement of its Leadership Line after more than a decade of successful service

The PEJE Leadership Line, a free, hour-long (give or take) phone or Skype call with a coach, has been an efficient and effective way for Jewish day school leaders to get helpful, actionable advice on a variety of concerns and challenges. With PEJE’s increased focus on financial sustainability and with more avenues available by which …

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Jewish Day Schools Raise More Than $57 Million in Endowment Funds

  PEJE’s Pilot Endowment-building Program, Generations, Successfully Strengthens Jewish Day School Sustainability Efforts; Program Now Available Across North America   Boston, MA – May 14, 2015 – PEJE, the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education, has announced that its groundbreaking endowment-building program, Generations, has enabled selected schools to raise a record $57 million in endowment …

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A Three-Pronged Approach to Boosting Day School Enrollment in a Low-to-Slow-Growth Market

Jewish day school growth is getting harder and harder to come by these days. According to a 2006-2010 survey of 50 cross-denominational schools across nine communities, enrollment declined by 14% in non-Orthodox schools and was virtually nil in Modern and Centrist Orthodox schools. 2012 enrollment research by The AVI CHAI Foundation directionally supports these findings. …

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Cutting-Edge Consumer Marketing Meets the Middle-Income Tuition Crisis Challenge

Is your Jewish day school contemplating middle-income programming? Based on our review of middle-income programs currently in the field, our advice is to design a plan that: Promotes new and retained enrollment Encourages nearly universal submission by middle-income families of household income data Benefits a specific middle-income segment Inspires families to become positive ambassadors for …

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What, Exactly, Is an “Affordable” Jewish Community?

Matt Williams, a researcher at Stanford University, recently posted a quick and dirty analysis of the most- and least-affordable Jewish communities in the United States. Using real estate and tuition costs, and limiting the choices to those cities with certain Jewish resources, he laid out these top and bottom 10: Most Affordable Least Affordable 10. …

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Data, Idols, Passover, and Slavery

1. Whenever I hear Jewish day school people babble about being “data driven,” I think of the classic scene from the film Glengarry Glen Ross,  in which Alec Baldwin, as a slickly evil dude named Blake, announces to a drab room of beat-down salesmen: The good news is—you’re fired. The bad news is you’ve got, …

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Sacha Litman

Based on data from hundreds of Jewish Day Schools, we think the focus will shift this year from Affordability to Perceived Quality. We recently finished analyzing our Jewish Day School Parent Survey data: 25,000 parent responses from 120 schools show that it is quality, not price, driving enrollment. The key to affordability is higher enrollment, …

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Dr. Amy Sales

In the coming year, “conventional wisdom” will likely be upended by data. As more schools enter their numbers into JData, PEJE, communities, and the schools themselves will be able to see: actual cost of delivering day school education to a child; changes in cost over time; variation in cost by school size, type, location, and …

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