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Football Requires Trust – So Does Our Work

Every Sunday, my family and my cousins gathered in the linoleum-covered basement of my grandparents’ home in St. Paul, Minnesota. We sat at one large table, eating fabulous freshly caught fish or melt-in-your-mouth brisket, and talking politics and sports – and hope. Eternal optimism runs rampant on that side of my family. That optimism was …

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What a Charleston Fundraiser Teaches Us

This past weekend, I was in Charleston with three friends from college. I had never been there, and, until three weeks ago, Charleston evoked images of quaint homes and Prince of Tides marshland. With the horrors inflicted on a Bible study group in the Emanuel AME Church on June 17, that all changed. Arriving in …

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The Emotional High that We Need to Communicate

I just watched the video of James Taylor’s new song, “Angels of Fenway” showing beautiful baseball images about the Red Sox’ long struggle—and the euphoria of the end of the 86-year drought between World Series wins. What a moment! I grew up in Minnesota as a huge sports fan, especially baseball and football, and after …

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Better Together

Celebrating my 50th (!) birthday recently gave me a great opportunity to do a lot of eating and celebrating—and reflecting. For each of the 50 days before my big day, I kept a journal (OK, it was an excel spreadsheet) where I noted at least one thing in my life for which I was grateful. …

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