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  • PEJE Founded 


  • Four Pilot Challenge Grants awarded (two elementary schools and two middle schools).


  • Ten day schools awarded Challenge Grants (two elementary schools and seven middle schools).





  • “Making the Case for Jewish Day Schools: A Compilation of Advocacy Writings” is published.


  • Nine day schools awarded Challenge Grants (three elementary schools and six middle schools).
  • Two high schools awarded pilot challenge grants. Program is revised and the High School Madrikh Program is later established.


  • PEJE pilots the Lead Expert Program, later re-named the Madrikh Program and provided to all Challenge Grant recipients.
  • Second conference for Challenge Grant recipients. 130 people participate.
  • PEJE launches the Pre-Application Consultation for Elementary Schools (PACES) program to provide consultation support for groups planning new elementary schools.


  • Nine day schools awarded Challenge Grants (four elementary schools and five middle schools).


  • High School Madrikh program established (seven high schools participate).
  • PEJE holds first Madrikh Orientation and Training program. Orientations are now held semi-annually.
  • PEJE launches its website.
  • Publication of Self-Assessment Toolkit for Jewish Day Schools – inspired by the Evaluation Toolkit published by the Continuity Commission of the UJA-Federation of New York.
  • Publication of Noteworthy Practices, Vol. 1: Tzedakah, Tikkun Olam, and Hesed.


  • PEJE convenes inaugural day school Donor Assembly (donors contributing $100,000 or more to one day school invited to attend). 233 people participate in White Plains, NY.
  • Three-Year Report chronicles PEJE’s initial accomplishments.
  • PEJE pilots partnerships with two Jewish communities (Boston and Milwaukee) for purposes of increased resource development.
  • PEJE holds third conference for Challenge Grant and High School Madrikh program recipients. 160 people participate.

Cover of Jewish Day School Head Search ProcessGrants

  • Fifteen day schools awarded Challenge Grants (four elementary and 11 middle schools).
  • PEJE launches Charles Schusterman Small Communities Enhancement Program for Jewish Day Schools.
  • Judaic Excellence Project is piloted with teachers from four Jewish high schools.
  • PEJE establishes the Resource Development Initiatives program to offer fundraising expertise to new and established schools across North America.


  • PEJE convenes its first Resource Development Conference open to all day schools in North America. 113 people from 78 schools participate at Brandeis University.
  • Fourth conference for Challenge Grant and High School Madrikh Program recipients. 177 people participate (numbers affected by September 11th).
  • Publication of Jewish Day School Head Search Process: Strategies and Resources.
  • Publication of Noteworthy Practices, Vol. 2: Tefilah.


  • Second Donor Assembly is held. 164 people participate (numbers affected by September 11th), White Plains, NY.
  • Making the Case for Jewish Day Schools, Vol. II is published.


  • Delivering Expertise Assistance (DE’AH) trial balloons approved for support to existing schools in five areas: financial management, matching grants, lay leadership, joint purchasing, and coach development.
  • Fifth conference for Challenge Grant, High School Madrikh Program, and Schusterman Grant recipients. 250 people participate, from 57 schools.


  • DE’AH lay leadership initiatives launched in cooperation with the Solomon Schechter Day School Association and the Association of Modern Orthodox Day Schools.
  • PEJE convenes first Financial Management Conference. 90 people from 68 schools participate at Brandeis University.
  • Publication of “Financial Resource Development & Management in Tough Times.”


  • Third Donor Assembly takes place February 2003 in Los Angeles.
  • First Leadership Assembly takes place February 2003 in Los Angeles for lay and professional leadership from day schools, federations, community endowments, and bureaus of Jewish education.

Kushner 165Grants

  • North American Challenge Grant for Day School Growth developed with targeted grants for new and existing schools and consortia of schools working collaboratively.



  • PEJE Strategic Plan aligns program areas to support growing day school enrollment.
  • Monthly e-newsletter launched to share resources and best practices with wide audience.
  • PEJE Series on Affordability, booklets on Tuition SettingEndowments, and Affordability in Perspective, widely distributed.
  • Joint Purchasing Initiative enables over 400 schools to save upwards of $500,000 on purchases from more than 25 leading vendors.


  • Challenge Grant for Growth awards made to 32 schools for School Improvement Journey, Pipeline, Consortium, and New School projects.


  • Twenty PEJE Coaches work with grantee schools.
  • PEJE sponsors day school leaders to attend ISM summer workshop, “Dollars and Sense: Financial Management for Heads.”
  • In collaboration with the AVI CHAI Foundation, PEJE hosts a conference on “Strategic Planning, Strategic Financial Planning, and the Head/Board Leadership Team.”
  • In collaboration with UJA-Federation of New York, PEJE hosts a conference on “Admission, Recruitment, and Attrition Prevention.”
  • Communities of Practice launched in areas of admission, financial management, and governance.


  • October 2004 Donor & Leadership Assembly convenes 700 leaders to address “Portraits of Excellence: Leading the Day School Movement with Vision, Passion, and Influence.” Featured speakers include Jeff Solomon and Senator Joseph Lieberman.
  • Regional groups in San Francisco, Phoenix, Greater Boston, and other communities professionalize their collaborative operations in support of day school education.
  • PEJE website redesigned to deliver resources, knowledge, and information about PEJE.
  • First annual PEJE Jewish Day School Calendar published and disseminated.


  • Challenge Grant for Growth awards made to 51 schools for School Improvement Journey, Pipeline, Consortium, and New School projects. Pilot grant for Executive Leadership Transition.
  • Grantee Perception Report commissioned of Center for Effective Philanthropy.


  • March 2006 PEJE Assembly for Jewish Day School Education convenes +1000 leaders to address “Visioning, Collaborating, and Adapting for Day School Growth and Vitality.” Featured speakers include Ron Heifetz and Doug Reeves. Over 100 workshop sessions with expertise and leading practice from the day school field.
  • Day School Peer Yardstick® provides field with benchmarking management tool based on extensive data from 110 schools.
  • Management Assistance expertise referral program piloted.
  • Four regional conferences (“Ready, Set Govern,” “Admission, Recruitment, and Attrition Prevention,” “The Board-Head Relationship,” and “Admission”) attended by 142 individuals from approximately one hundred schools.
  • Communities of Practice becomes key strategy with the hiring of a coordinator for the growing number of CoPs (admission, financial management, governance, regional advocacy, diverse learners, fundraising)
  • Publication of Noteworthy Practices: Trends in Growing Enrollment and Serving Diverse Learners in Jewish Day Schools


  • February 2006 Reform Movement Think Tank mobilizes 28 rabbis and movement leaders to confront what it will take to increase Reform enrollment in day schools.
  • MATCH (collaborative initiative with Jewish Funders Network) engages 296 new day school donors to make gifts that are matched to generate a total of $26 million into 159 day schools.
  • Monthly e-newsletter distributed to more than 3000 school and community leaders.


  • Challenge Grant for Growth awards made to 26 schools for School Improvement Journey, Pipeline, and New School projects.
  • Special New York initiative launched with the support of UJA-Federation of New York.
  • Follow-up coaching grants made to 35 conference participants.


  • Day School Peer Yardstick® analysis stimulates the creation of the Proactive Admission Tracking Tool and Strategic Financial Modeling Tool.
  • What DifferenceEight regional conferences take place across the continent (“Admission, Recruitment, and Attrition Prevention,” “Strategic Financial Modeling for Day School Stability,” “Marketing Your Day School,” “Beyond the Usual Suspects: Vision, Strategies, and Tactics for Your Annual Campaign,” “Partners in Leadership”) attended by 454 individuals from 161 schools.
  • Communities of Practice initiative expands to includes Israel Engagement and Professional Development
  • LeadershipLine email hotline with follow-up phone calls piloted.
  • Financial Management section of PEJE website launched.



Debbie Swartz is elected PEJE Board Chair.


Sources on The Source is published.


PEJE and Jewish Funders Network’s MATCH program attracts 199 new major donors: gifts from $25,000 to over $100,000

Convening of Jewish day school heads.


PEJE 2008 produced and implemented a new Strategic Plan.


School Improvement Journey and New School awards made or renewed to 20 schools.


Day School Peer Yardstick® Suite of Tools expands to include Jewish Day School Parent Survey, Strategic Financial Modeling Tool, Admission Tracker, and Benchmark Report.

Series of trainings and conferences on “Take Control of Your School’s Future,” “Getting the Right People on Your Board,” “Making Admission, Recruitment, and Attrition Prevention Work in a Challenging Economy,” and “Raising Skills, Raising Funds: Innovative Strategies to Use NOW.”

PEJE pilots the first Leadership and Fundraising Academy (LFA) in New York.


Consultation on implementation of strategic planning process for Jewish day school education in the Reform Movement.

Monthly e-newsletter distribution tops 6,000 leaders; average open rates in recent months range from 30% to 65%; average click-through rates range from 15% to 72%.

The Joint Purchasing Initiative begins functioning as an independent venture outside of PEJE’s auspices.
Over 1,300 people, from over 250 schools, attend the 2008 PEJE Assembly in Boston.


Lessons Learned from PEJE Grantmaking is published.


Strategic Board Governance seminar held in Houston in January 2010.

Los Angeles LFA launched in March 2010.

Strategic Board Governance seminar held in New York in March 2010.

Build Your Own Board conference held in Chicago in April 2010.

AVI CHAI Foundation

Diane TOrganization

Diane Troderman elected PEJE Board Chair.

New Board Members Gail S. Norry, Nancy Hamburger, and Pam Rohr join PEJE.

PEJE awarded generous grant from AVI CHAI Foundation to launch Generations.


PEJE Guide to Coaching is published.

Summer Admission Conference held in Paramus, NJ.


2010 PEJE Assembly

Amy Katz, Executive DirectorOrganization

Amy Katz takes over as Executive Director of PEJE; Josh Elkin steps down.


Our “Beyond the Gala” and “From Development to Advancement” events instructed over 100 development professionals in the essentials of relational development.

Montreal Leadership and Fundraising Academy launches.

Los Angeles Leadership and Fundraising Academy concludes with a 10 percent increase in annual campaign dollars as a result of the LFA.

Launch of Development Self-Assessment Tool (DSAT).


Partnership with JData began.

Second cohort of schools in New York participate in Leadership and Fundraising Academy.

Summer Development Intensive teaches 28 schools to create development plans.

The PEJE Challenge Awarded gave $625,000, in gifts of $25,000, to 25 schools that implemented innovation programs.

PEJE is a co-host of the 2012 North American Jewish Day School Conference in Atlanta, GA.



Michael J. Bohnen is elected as the Board Chair of PEJE. Diane Troderman steps down.

The organization changes from Board of Partners to Board of Directors.

Legacy Heritage Fund

PEJE awarded generous grant from Legacy Heritage Fund to launch the Leadership and Fundraising Academy in two new communities.

PEJE and the Orthodox Union team up to form the Jewish Day School Affordability Knowledge Center (AKC).

On July 13, we hit 1,001 Fans on the PEJE Facebook page.

PEJE hosted a CoP with Pat Bassett, which featured over 100 participants.

Publication of the AKC’s first four whitepapers: Yehoshua Ben Gamla’s Vision in Practice: Kehillah Funds, iCap: Keeping Jewish Day School Accessible to Middle-Income Families, “And You Shall Strengthen Your Brother”: Middle-Income Strategies, “According to His Way”: Blended Learning.

L'Dor V'Dor Logo

L’Dor V’Dor launches in February 2013.

PEJE is a co-host of the 2013 North American Jewish Day School Conference in Washington, DC.

Publication of Learning from Parent Voices: How to Turn Positive Perception into Enrollment Growth.

PEJE launches MATCH, a matching grants program which aims to spark dynamic new funding relationships for Jewish day school education. Funded by the AVI CHAI and Kohelet Foundations                                                                                     and in partnership with the Jewish Funders Network (JFN). Match